Branch & ADT Make it Easy and Affordable to Protect What Matters Most

ADT-protected clients can now get up to 29% off their home & auto insurance with Branch

Let’s say you head to the store to buy a new phone, computer, or printer. You check out and the register asks if you’d like to purchase a warranty on your new device. You click “Yes” and, just like that, your device is instantly insured. What if you could do the same thing when you buy a house, car, or home security? With Branch Insurance, now you can.

When we founded Branch, we believed that we could create quicker, easier, and more delightful insurance experiences for consumers. That’s why we’ve restructured the insurance product to help consumers get insurance in the moments they need it most. By integrating our instant-pricing model into the mortgage lending, home buying, and car buying process, we have created insurance that is not only more efficient but also less expensive, passing substantial savings to our clients. Now, we’re joining forces with ADT to bring the same great savings to home security customers.

Branch teamed up with ADT, a leading provider of security and smart home solutions, to create insurance savings for consumers like never before. In the past, consumers needed to retrieve documentation showing proof of their home security devices, only to have to shop or search around for potential (and often nominal) discounts to their home insurance. By integrating insurance into the home security-buying process, we’ve eliminated this friction and created substantial value for the consumer. 

Now, ADT customers may save up to 29% on Branch Insurance home, auto, and umbrella policies by incorporating ADT’s industry-leading professional monitoring service for intrusion, smoke, carbon monoxide, and flood detection into their home. This integrated insurance product allows consumers to receive risk-segmented pricing, which rewards them for reducing the risk of loss to their home by being ADT-protected clients. For the first time ever, Branch customers can receive discounts that help offset the cost of their smart home security systems, in addition to receiving the already great-priced, high-quality insurance Branch provides.

Branch is shaping the future of insurance distribution with this first-of-its-kind discount for Branch clients. By stripping out the inefficiencies of the insurance-buying process and incentivizing clients to be better protected, Branch enables the unification of industries and all but eliminates effort for consumers.

See how much you can save on your home and auto with Branch Insurance here.

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