Bundle Your Home & Auto Insurance

10 reasons to bundle

June 24, 2020
Written byKelly FogartyHead of Operations

Bundling your home and auto insurance is one of the easiest ways to trim expenses. While your

state of residence has a significant influence on exactly how much you can save, a recent study

found that policyholders who bundle save an average of 16.1% or $322 a year. Lower insurance

premiums may be the main attraction, but sticking with one insurance provider offers additional

benefits that go beyond your wallet. A recent JD Power study found that homeowners who

bundled their home and auto policies were more satisfied with their providers than non-bundlers.

Here are 10 more reasons you should bundle home and auto insurance policies.

1. There's A Single App for That

Mobile apps are great. But, when they overwhelm your home screen, they can become a

nuisance. When you bundle your home and auto insurance, you can delete at least one insurance

app and regain precious memory on your device. With one app, you can file a home or auto

claim, access your ID cards, request roadside assistance, make payments, and even contact your


2. One Insurance Agent Who Knows You Better

When you have one agent handling both your home and auto insurance policies, they might be

able to better match you with endorsements and coverage amounts that reflect your actual needs.

By understanding more of your financial picture, they can present policy options that match your


3. Policy Management Just Got Easier

We've already mentioned how using one app and one agent to manage your home and auto

insurance needs can save time and device memory. But, mobile policy management offers

additional perks. Many insurance companies allow you to ask policy-related questions in-app

24/7. There's no need to make multiple phone calls regarding each policy when you can submit

them via one app.

4. Lower Deductibles Are Possible

A single insurance carrier might be able to offer one deductible for your home and auto

insurance. Policies vary by state and company, but you might benefit from a streamlined

deductible. For example, if torrential weather damages both your home and vehicle at the same

time, you might only need to pay a single deductible even though there are two claims. While not

guaranteed, you might also be able to secure a lower overall deductible if you bundle your


5. Multi-Policy Discounts Are Only the Beginning

Bundling home and auto insurance with a single insurance carrier may only scratch the surface

of the available discounts. Once you've met their bundling requirement, consider multi-line

discounts. For example, adding life insurance or boat insurance might help keep even more

money in your pocket.

6. Better Customer Service

The reason people who bundle their insurance are more satisfied than non-bundlers may have

something to do with the level of customer service they receive. Companies want to keep your

business, especially when you give them more of it. Think rewards programs for airlines and

hotels. While insurance companies don't offer the same rewards, you might receive better

customer service if you hold multiple policies with a single carrier.

7. Streamlined Monthly Payments

Managing your finances becomes easier when there is one less bill to pay. Some insurance

companies allow you to align billing statements. When you bundle your insurance, you might be

able to make one payment each month instead of two.

8. Multiple Claims May Not Be as Harmful

While you don't plan on filing multiple claims, life happens. And, when those claims are all

under one policy, you might be viewed as a high risk. The way an insurance company handles

the situation, e.g., canceling your policy or rising rates, may be influenced by whether you have

multiple policies with the company.

9. Save Time

Completing applications and claim paperwork may be less time consuming when you have a

bundled policy. You can avoid managing multiple policies when you have one go-to agent or

insurance company.

10. Flexible Policy Changes

Your insurance needs will change. Whether it's the addition of a teenage driver, purchasing a

home, or adding another vehicle to the household, dealing with a trusted agent through life

transitions can simplify the process.

If your policy renewal date is fast approaching, explore your coverage options. Bundling your

insurance can provide an opportunity to reduce expenses while obtaining better customer service

when compared to your current providers. Shop around before making your final decision.

Policy discounts vary by carrier.

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