Illinois Homeowners Insurance

Looking for fiscally-friendly home insurance in the Prairie state? No matter which of Illinois’ 102 counties you call home, you can get a homeowners policy with Branch Insurance in seconds.

Home Insurance Coverage in Illinois

If you're already a homeowner or thinking about buying a home, it is always good to determine how much home insurance coverage you need. In Illinois, most mortgage lenders will require homeowners to not have only insurance, but also to list them as the mortgage lender on the policy. Your minimum insurance coverage will depend on your specific situation. However, it should always equal at least 80% or even the full replacement cost of your home. With so many insurance options out there, we want to show you the added benefits and discounts when you get insured with Branch. We will insure you for exactly what you need, protecting what matters most. 

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Most Frequent Home Insurance Claims

Home insurance provides important protection for your home, belongings, and the people inside.  Here at Branch, our utmost priority is protecting what matters most to you. It’s crucial to know what your insurance policy covers and what damages are under separate deductibles in the instance that you need to file a claim. When protecting your home, use these important tips to avoid the three most frequent claims:

Wind and Hail 

  • You can prevent wind and hail damage by maintaining your home regularly and staying up to date with siding, roofing, and window repairs.

Water Damage

  • You can prevent wind and hail damage by maintaining your home regularly and staying up to date with siding, roofing, and window repairs
  • A few ways to prevent this include lining pipes with insulation, allowing faucets to drip once in a while to keep water running, and making sure your home is properly heated. You may even want to wrap the pipes in your basement for those super cold days.

Property Damage and Theft

  • Did you know you can save up to 22% off your home insurance with a home security system?
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  • Be careful when hiding your spare keys outdoors, especially under frequently searched places like a welcome mat or flower pot.
    Protect your belongings by using a lockbox or giving your spare key to a trusted friend or family member.
  • Make sure all candles are blown out and electronics are unplugged when they’re not in use to reduce fire hazards and electricity costs

Following these easy tips will help you maintain a safer home and reduce your chances of filing a claim. 

Discount Programs for Branch Insurance Community Members in Illinois

Whether you live in Chicago, Aurora, Naperville, or anywhere in between, Branch has you covered with multiple discount programs that will can additional savings back in your pocket!

Refer and Earn

Branch loves bringing new people into our community and we like to reward you for being a part of it even more. When you purchase a policy with Branch Insurance, you receive a customized referral link in the Branch mobile app. We encourage you to share this code with your friends and family, on your social media, etc. Anyone that visits Branch’s website for the first time from your individualized link and views their insurance price with us will receive a $10 Amazon gift card and you will receive a $25 Amazon gift card! That's some easy, free cash!

Community Pledge

Once you become a Branch client, you can use our app to participate in the Community Pledge program. When you do, you can ask other Branch clients to vouch that they believe you would not commit insurance fraud. For each person who does so, you’ll earn a discount off your insurance of 1%  - up to 5% - for as long as you’re both Branch clients.

The fewer fraudulent claims we pay, the less cost our community bears, and the less you have to pay!

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